We offer horse riding lessons for all skill levels Wednesday through Sunday.
Lessons will be approximately 1 hour long which may or may not include saddling, grooming, and riding time.

Riding Lessons are at the following times:
  8:00   am
  9:30   am
11:00  am
12:30  pm
  2:30   pm
  4:00   pm  


Please print your confirmation and present it to your wrangler at check-in. Confirmation is sent to your email address when booking. Lessons must be booked 48 hours in advance.

  • Riders MUST arrive 30 minutes prior to the lesson. Age/height requirements are at the wrangler's discretion. 
  • Riders must not exceed 240lbs. Closed-toe shoes required. 
  • Riding lessons are a non-refundable booking. 
  • Our wranglers reserve the right to reschedule due to weather, equine health, or safety issues.
  • The barn is open prior to Southfork business hours, so be sure to call and/or leave a message for Trail Rides USA with any questions at 800.200.2074


Parker, TX